Birthdays, anniversaries, school holidays, sick kids... it's been a bit crazy in the Hello Olive lately! I'm craving a bit of peace and quiet to be honest. Nothing else to do then but escape to Etsy for a bit of window shopping. (I know, I know. I should run a relaxing bath instead!) At least the images exude a bit calm. It helps :-) You can find my other finds here.

Credits: Scarf   |    Earrings   |   Crochet collar   |   Phone cover


September lovelies and a little celebration

September was a lovely month...

- Enjoying late afternoon sunshine in the park
- Lovely lemon from my neighbour's tree
- Ooh, we'll have some granadillas soon(-ish)
- Strange little butternut for sale at the supermarket
- Beautiful and oh so fragrant rose from my mum-in-law's garden
- Making play dough with the big boy

There's another reason September was such a great month: Mr Hello Olive and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary :-) Both our moms came to babysit and we spent the night at a beautiful hotel. On our own! Just us! It's the the first time we've been away (together) since the big one was born. It was bliss :-) So blissful that I don't even have any photos to share!

These pics are all snapshots from my Instagram account. You can find me @helloolivedesigns if you have an account too.


I've got my mojo back

Sorry if I haven't been round to visit your blogs lately... I've been spending pretty much all of my spare time updating my Etsy shop. And I've been having so much fun creating new prints! I've suddenly got my design mojo back so I'm making the most of this burst of enthusiasm while it lasts :-)

Below are a few recent additions... I hope you like them! You can click here to see more, and if you see something you like I have a 3 for 2 offer running at the moment. Hooray!

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