A visit to Giraffe House

Last weekend we bundled the boys in the car and took them to Giraffe House, a Wildlife Awareness Centre about 30 minutes outside of Cape Town. I've been there before, aaages ago, when Sam was about the same age as Oliver is now. Gosh, they had so much fun! In addition to the usual selection of farm animals there are zebras, crocodiles, monkeys, snakes and my personal favourite, a giraffe!

Gerry the giraffe is absolutely gorgeous! There's a Mr Giraffe too - a new addition - and he is currently being kept on the other side of the centre. All the fences between their enclosures have been removed to encourage Gerry to move to her new camp and her new mate in her own time. Awww... I'm hoping there'll be a little baby giraffe making an appearance soon :-)


Note to self

Hello Lovelies, it's been a while hasn't it? I really need to heed this ^ advice, particularly today. I often find myself stressing about situations beyond my control. Nothing terribly serious... just a case of miscommunication with an acquaintance but still, here I am fretting about it!

On a brighter note I've been kept busy with a few more freelance design jobs this year. It's been great to work again and earn some money. We'd love to buy our own home soon so every little helps :-) Of course being busy with 'real work' means that my poor blog and Etsy shop have been rather neglected... I guess it's just a case of finding the right balance. In other words, stop watching rubbish on the telly at night ;-) But in the meantime, I'm not going to worry about it!

Image credit: Paperchat on Etsy


These snaps are so last year

This post has been lurking in my 'drafts' folder for weeks! And yes, they really are from last year :-) Well, from December so they're not that old but I meant to post them ages ago. We're having a rather chaotic start to the year. The Boy started Big School last week (how did that happen so fast?!), we're in the middle of a house move, aaand in between all that Little O has well and truly started to embrace the terrible two's (despite the fact that he hasn't even turned two yet). And boy oh boy, I had the worst pain and knot in my stomach for days. Apparently it's stress related although to be honest I wasn't feeling particularly anxious at the time. Thankfully I'm much better. Nothing like Rescue Drops and listening to a mediation download before bed to help ease my anxiety. Phew. I'll be glad when we've settled into our new home...

- book club lunch at Jonkershuis
- one of my Christmas gifts
- his favourite toy is in there!
- an early morning visit to Green Point Urban Park
- the boy and his dad creating Lego masterpieces (as usual)
- one of my prints framed for a friend's daughter

These pics are all snapshots from my Instagram account. You can find me @helloolivedesigns if you have an account too.
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