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Vintage Danish teapot via hello_olive on Pinterest
Vintage French tea set via hello_olive on Pinterest
Alarm clock via hello_olive on Pinterest
Melamine tray via hello_olive on Pinterest
Upcycled vintage magazine rack via hello_olive on Pinterest
Pitcher via hello_olive on Pinterest

Hello, I hope you all had a fab long weekend! We were treated to typical Easter weather here in Cape Town: grey skies and lots and lots of rain. I really enjoyed pottering about indoors though... The Boy and I baked these chocolate banana muffins, lots of amazing Lego creations were built and way too much junk food was consumed. All in all, a great weekend :-) 

Hope you like my latest pins. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that tea pot. Isn't it a beaut?

And hello new followers. It's lovely to have you here :-) Once The Boy is back at school I'm hoping to have some more time to visit your blogs. But in the meantime, thanks for visiting mine!


  1. That teapot is stunning. Muffins sound good now as I have eaten all the cheesecake! X

  2. Love your pins!!! I'd have the lot of these. xx

  3. Oh the teapot and the teaset for me please ... they are very purty! ... your muffins sound yummy ... Bee xx

  4. Red and Yellow - there can never be enough of either.

  5. I spotted the teapot too. Nice price aswell :). Glad you had a great weekend! x

  6. The tea pot is brilliant, I'd love that in my kitchen :)



  7. oh that tea set is adorable!

  8. i do love all these! LOVE danish design. those muffins sound very good too.

  9. I love that teapot, gorgeous! x

  10. That tea pot!!! Oh my goodness, it's a thing of beauty. And that yellow magazine rack is pretty fab too. x

  11. Ooh, I like the stuff you like too! Especially the teapot!!


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